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The Best Music Resource on the Internet

While there are many excellent music adventures on the Internet, my favorite is the Internet Archives. This resource features live music created by a wide variety of artists in all kinds of genres. Don't worry about copyright violation here, all of the featured music artists have agreed to share their music.

You will find over 42,000 concerts presented by over 2,500 hundred bands. For the most part the quality of the recordings is fairly good. You can not only download the shows to your computer but you are able to "stream" the music if you want to save disc space.

My absolute favorite bands are there. The Grateful Dead collection is extensive. You will find shows which chronicle each phase of their music. Unfortunately most of the sound board recordings have been removed from the Archives, but you can still find some great recordings.

The Little Feat, are well represented here, with many of their concerts being cataloged. The shows available are simply amazing. I was shocked at how good the music is. A band that I discovered through the Archives is The Radiators. This band from New Orleans knows how to rock.

The Archives contains music from some bands and artists you have never heard before. In some cases that may be a good thing. In all fairness though, most of the music I have sampled was quite good, even if I did not personally care for it.

There is so much music contained here, the chances are excellent you will find something you like. If nothing else go to experience all of the wonderful music that is available to you for absolutely no cost. I encourage you to check out Internet Archives. It is simply the most amazing music resource on-line.

To find The Internet Archives, just search for it in your favorite search engine.